Gametracker can't scan

Hey Guys,

I have a Problem with my server.

Gametracker can’t scan my server.
I have set the Permissions like The Gametracker help.

Still not Work.

My IP adress:


Normal Port is 9987
Query 10011

I can connect via Telnet and get the message “error id=0 msg=ok”

I tryed Server info, client list and and and.

At every Point I get this message. I think this is ok right?

Ports are open and everybody can connect.
I seted the permissions at the guest quer group and at the guest client group.

Don’t know what’s wrong…

Gametracker has a list of ip be sure this ips is not blocked , u found this list on gametracker forum.
They updated the list in February …

Yes I have already set this settings.

I can add my server on but not on gametracker.

And BTW are you German? Because of your Pic haha

Yes all 5 IPs

here are my settings

Okay someone added my server on Gametracker but i did nothing? i didnt changed anything.

Then you have to move on to GAMETRACKER. They’re not related to TeamSpeak Systems and cannot do anything - so you need to contact the administrators of this site.

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