General Questions on Server Access and Account creation

I like to ask some general questions about the passwords on servers before I actually start using on and granting access to people since I will be responsible for the account. Specifically, there are 3 passwords associated with the account: Admin, Normal, and Guest. Does each of the passwords used on the **SERVER **account have to be the same as the corresponding group password in Teamspeak 3 to insure that channel connections and security will work properly? I would ASSUME this is the case. I would also ASSUME that the password for the Default Channel in Teamspeak would be set to the Normal Password? And that best practice would call for the creation of a Guest Channel underneath the Default Channel which would be out of the group member i.e. Default or Normal area?

Which address do I provide new users to the server? The server nickname? The server IP address (this doesn’t seem like a good idea)? The domain name? Which one?

I realize these are very basic questions. But to be honest, there does not seem to be a clear answer documented anywhere that is readily available on the Teamspeak website and the software has no manual.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

What are you trying archive here?

  • We do not know what a TeamSpeak account could be. We do not have such feature.

  • A Default channel’s password would be useless. Anyone can join it on connect. There is no way around that.

You can provide anything you want to provide. A DNS or nickname is easier to remember but at the end a IP is behind both.