Get 403 when downloading client or server

I updated my post in and added a google drive link.


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Hi, when i try to download TS client i get an 403 error, and cant donwload

At the moment for some a proxy is needed o access these site.
That’s all i can say for the moment.


Hi, is there any news about this?

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i log in I have badget for test…and cant download.
I get the messagges:

403 Forbidden

  • Code: AccessDenied
  • Message: Access Denied
  • RequestId: XXXXXX

An Error Occurred While Attempting to Retrieve a Custom Error Document

  • Code: AccessDenied
  • Message: Access Denied

Help me, please

Are you able to download the client using one of the following redirects?

TeamSpeak (Windows Download)

TeamSpeak (Linux Download)

TeamSpeak (Mac OS Download)

If this doesn’t work, try using a proxy.

Hi, there is already a Topic here

At the moment for some people a proxy is needed to access the Site.

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ok, thanks.

what is the proxy? in the topic dont find them.

A “Proxy” is a server appliance that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients

Example ‘application-level gateway’

A Proxy is similar to a VPN which encrypts your internet.

yes. i know…I got the question wrong. wich is the proxy to use?

wdym with which is the proxy to use? If you can’t acess one of these links you can try to use a VPN.

Hi, I’m from Argentina, and I did it with a Google VPN called “1ClickVPN” and I was able to download it without problem. I hope it helps you.


Hi everyone, i got the beta image
when i choose windows option this happens image
what i should do?

Go to this site ProxySite and copy and paste this Link: and you should able to Download the TeamSpeak Installer


I have generated a Proxy Link for you.

You can download the Server Click here for download the Server

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thank you!

Have a nice evening. :slight_smile:

Welcome to TeamSpeak :blue_heart:

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Hi. I can’t download TS3 client from the web. I can’t even download any other version, or server, or anything. Help.

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PM me… What for a Client or Server Version you need, and i will generate a Download Link for you. :slight_smile:

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