Get 403 when downloading client or server

403 Forbidden

  • Code: AccessDenied
  • Message: Access Denied
  • RequestId: W73SSRM32ACA3PPA
  • HostId: RTPjbOrAGB8HxXK5dqqA4T3oh+U259vm0v5voKY1ZyRbjeM9pjixuypHlES0dfEdR7x8MZt2R1A=

An Error Occurred While Attempting to Retrieve a Custom Error Document

  • Code: AccessDenied
  • Message: Access Denied
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What are you trying to do?
Provide the steps to reproduce it.

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I try to download teamspeak and this message appears

it’s possible that the public IP address your ISP provided you (or your whole ISP) has been blocked for some reason. You can try contacting them and letting them know about the problem. It’s not a very likely solution, but they might be able to help.

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I am trying to download teamspeak and when I download it I get a 403 error, I attach an image.

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All client downloads seem to be fine here.

You may have blocked parts of the website? if you use a firewall, make sure your browser has access thru the firewall. If you have to, disable your firewall before clicking on the download link. Popup blockers might have something to do with it too. I have never had that problem tho. Double check your browser settings too. If this doesnt help then Please try with another web browser. :slight_smile:


@klam1ng and @killer_tiago
Do you both also get the error when you download the client from ?

Have you tried a proxy site ?


If a proxy is used, the download page works again, but if you remove it, the error returns, a while ago I could download as well.

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I’m getting the same error when trying to download anything from Tried with different browsers, ISPs, command line utilities (curl/wget) and devices.

Update: Switching to a VPN in Germany allowed me to download files, but no dice with Chilean ISPs. Some kind of region block?

The vast majority of the time, there’s not much you can do to fix things on your end. Either you’re really not allowed to access the resource, or there’s an error on the server side of things. Sometimes, it’s a temporary error; sometimes it isn’t. It’s also possible the page with the error has been cached in your browser, but the actual link was changed on the website. To test out this possibility, you’ll have to clear your browser cache and cookies. Clearing the cache won’t affect your browsing experience much, but some websites may a take a couple of extra seconds to load as they re-download all the previously cached data. Clearing cookies means you’ll have to sign in again to most websites.


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Can you try a Site Proxy (

Think for Downloading Files is the Security Okay, it’s not optimal but for testing purposes it’s okay I think.

I tried a German Server, and it worked 100% for me.

Downloading the client (or any other TS file) shouldn’t be an issue in the first place.

Can you try to clear your cache and cookies?

This is an issue that only TS can fix, it has nothing to do with the cache or browser cookies.

It can be a problem of your site, because we can download it all with no errors.

Just for da info: This has been forwarded to our IT already.
But have no more details at this moment.


I have same problem. Error 403, im from Argentina, ISP: Telecom Argentina S.A.

I’m sorry, it says that I don’t have access to download from that link, as well as try to download other things from the teamspeak link, I can’t either

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