Get "insufficient permission modify power" whewn changing Whisper power

Hi, have SA for TS server and have problem edit 2 things:
… all time when can try chage it write me: insufficient permission modify power

Are you trying to go over 75?

If your query has a power of 75, you cannot go above 75.
Or you simply don’t have enough power to edit those two permissions.

SA have power 75
and other groupe too 75
now cant edit other groupe with power 75 too ?

What power is on that group you are trying to edit i_permission_modify_power ?

dont have

Can you share pictures from that group you are trying to edit and that group you have, to make it easier to find where the problem is.

AT9 31.8 KB file on MEGA

I looked, and everything is fine with the permissions.
Can you share your teamspeak IP address so I can come in and chat about it?

It’s not OK.


You or someone else removed Grant (red circle) from whipser permissions in the Server Admin group. And whiteout you won’t be able to grant these 2 permissions.


The only way to fix this is to use the ServerQuery with the serveradmin login and give these 2 permissions back with a value of 75.

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Oops I missed that part…
Should look like this

It should not look like this! It should have a value of 75 max and not above!


Just showing him where it is, I took this as an example from “Admin Server Query”

ok thx for help

and exist way block use whisper for some groupe ?

All server groups that may be whispered to by a particular server group must have a value of i_client_needed_whisper_power less than the whispering server group’s value at i_client_whisper_power.

If a server group should not be whispered, it must either have a higher value of i_client_needed_whisper_power than the i_client_whisper_power of the other server groups or if it should not be whispered at all, the value of the permission i_client_needed_whisper_power must be set to 76 to exceed the maximum incoming whisper power of all groups and it will ignore it.

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