Global Mute - Different Groups

I know there are some threads and such out there regarding this thing. But I haven’t found a solution to the problem I face. So I have different groups like

  1. Server Admin 2. Admin 3. Poker 4. Main Speaker 5. Normal etc.

During sometimes when we are like 20+ people we wanna have 1 guy only be able to speak or maybe 2-4 people like the group “MAIN SPEAKER”. I know that you can put -1 on talk power in permission but then I have to add it to all groups except nr 4. But is there not a simpler way to mute all groups in TeamSpeak except nr 4? Like talk power

Why would you add a -1 to i_client_talk_power?

If I understood you right you need to assign a specifc i_client_talk_power to all groups once only.

For example:

Server Admin   i_client_talk_power   50
Admin          i_client_talk_power   40
Poker          i_client_talk_power   30
Main Speaker   i_client_talk_power   75
Normal         i_client_talk_power   20

Now set the channel required talk power to 75.

This would allow only clients with group Main Speaker the possibility to speak in this channel.

If you assign the group Main Speaker to a client who has the group Admin already he can speak as well.

If you want to allow clients in the group Server Admin to be able to speak always change the i_client_talk_power of this group to 75, too.

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