Google agenda

Hello there,

This might be requested a lot, but we really can use an option to link any calendar to a teamspeak channel.
I could not find any current requests about it… The best option would be google calendar intergration with their embeded view or shared links.

Normally i would make an rss feed, but google disable this option unfortunately… and ifttt is not posible to do it.

Anybody have any tips/advice and idea’s ??

for now i have a workaround… using my own vps
I use a customized google calendar which is displayed on a separate website.
On that website i added html2image script, which allows me to download a snapshot of that calendar
Then i can publish that snapshot on teamspeak.

It should be nice if we had a direct display/plugin towards a calendar app…

If anybody knows how to weekly automatic download/upload and publish an image using html2image please tell me, because that could also be a workaround solution ??

It saves me time

we can close this thread i found the solution
i created an RSS output serverside and use the sinusbot rss reader to display a live calendar

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