Goon | Blue Darkness [TS3-StylePack]

// Goon //

Based of Darkify & Goon WIN10 Theme

Stay Modern & Dark

This Teamspeak Style will make your experience with Teamspeak much more modern and darker ,

and with the rounded corners, teamspeak looks really is easier to look at.

A list of alternate Color variations:

Darkify / Black
Goon / Dark Blue

Screenshot / Previews


  • Darkness everywhere
  • Cleaner looking UI
  • Much more Cleaner font included (“Open Sans”)
  • Bigger Server Group icons on User
  • Better Selection Boxes
  • Tabs look more like floating bubbles
  • No Squeezed text, more Open and BIGGER text
  • An Dark (WIP) icon Pack that has the same Pallette as the Theme
  • No Anoying Scrollbar anymore
  • Better User Info Screen
  • Emojified so you can identify somthing faster
  • And much more Features incoming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

WIP: Icon Pack is not really finished for Goon.

Be Welcome to use this Style, and thank you for using this Style Pack <3


if you still want a better Icons then head to darkify and pick the icon pack from darkify and goon as the style

Version 1.0 - 1.2

  • Main release

Version 1.3

  • Better Volume Slider
  • Changed Color to Tomato red [Variations Comming Soon]
  • More rounded corners
  • Better User info tab
  • Removed false nametags
  • Emojis !
  • and many more small changes

Version 1.4

  • Fixed Permission Editor Colors
  • Even Simpler Buttons
  • Updated Preview Images
  • New Logo
  • Better Close/Open Tree Button

Version 1.5

  • Fixed button width in toolbox
  • and more stuff i forgot… sorry. xD

This looks so nice! :heart_eyes: The only thing I would say is that channel/user icons look pretty low res because of the theme making icons bigger. Is it possible to change this so the icons are smaller again, or would it be better to find some higher res icons?

hmm, wierd the icons are all in a vector format…
i think the only things that look pixelated are the Server Group icons on your TS3 Server that you are on
bc. they are in a 16x16 png format not in vector. i suggest you contact an admin to make proper vector

I dont like round corners.

its your choice if you dont like it!
there are many other styles that you can choose from!

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