Group Chat Notifications Every Startup

Every time I startup TS5, the one group chat I’m in has notifications marked on it even though I had cleared it from the last time I had it open.

Was wondering if anybody else was having a similar issue and/or if there was a support ticket open somewhere in deep space :milky_way: (@Adam with your support ticket talent)


If you’re invisible then it won’t be marked as read.


How in the world did I not realize I was marked as invisible? Thanks, Chris!


Shouldn’t “I’ve seen this” literally mean that the item has been dealt with, independent from my own “visibility” towards others? The notification badge is for me, not anyone else, right? Am I getting something wrong here? :thinking:

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The “I have read this” is currently the same as you telling others you have read this. Since you won’t be sending read confirmations while invisible (as that would potentially indicate that you’re indeed online) you don’t get the unread message counter removed while invisible.