Group Permission

I have a problem with the permissions.

I want that a Guest can poke Administrator and Super Admins, but i dont want to allow that Guest can poke VIP and Normal ?

My Groups is:
Administrator 75
Super Admin 70
VIP 65
Normal 30
Guest 25

Thanks thats was a very good explanation.

New groups i set like this:
Administrator 75 - 25
Super Admin 70 - 25
Moderator 65 - 25
Member 60 - 30
Tryout 55 - 30
VIP 50 - 30
Special Guest 45 - 30
Guest 25 - 30

Now i just need to test it, the idea is that guest only can poke Administrator and Super Admin, all other groups should poke each other, but what if i have one person in 2 groups lets say Member and Moderator groups will Moderator group not overwrite permission in Member group ?

Last thing the Grant permission i only have to set to the other groups if i want to give them access to change something ind the permission system right ? So this grant settings can i just delete them from the rest of the groups or do some groups settings need the grant permission ?

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You right, every group will be able to poke the administrator and super admin group but guest group cant poke the other groups or guest group, so my settings must be right, i just tested the permission in all groups every thing working :slight_smile:

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Big thanks for your help :slight_smile: