Group Templates

Hey Guys,

maybe anyone can help me. i have two questions:
i have changed settings in my template groups like (Server Admin, Normal, Gust)… when i execute an permreset on my server, will the server also reset these groups or are these used as a template? I am asking because it exist a template v-server (sid=0)…
My Second question is: i removed a client (via client ui) from a server group normally the client will be remain on the server (saved in clients table) … so i have removed a client from all server groups and he is complete removed from the entire server (also clients table in db) checks the teamspeak how long they did not logged in and when he is not in a group he will be deleted?
I ask because i test this with another client and he will remain on the server.
Sorry for the wall of text and my Spelling and Grammar i hope u understand me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kind regards biteraser :slight_smile:

a permreset will create new groups from the templates, same as creating a new server will also create groups as per the templates.

Removing a client from all server groups will make them a guest. Any client without a permanent group assignment will be removed from the server after the configured time (by default should be 30 days if memory serves).


thx for your help :slight_smile:
i have found the option to configure this time: “dbclientkeepdays”
it can be set as a command line parameter or in the ts3server.ini

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