Guest query group ruined

So thinking “why would I ever need this servergroup” I removed all the permissions for it… This means I can no longer use the login command to get admin privilieges. Can I somehow restore this without reseting all my permissions?

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There is no “from us” supported way to do this.
Only a backup of the database can restore what you deleted.


And I guess there’s noway to start the telnet session as server admin?

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Not when you destroyed the default Query group.


Your title says Guest query group ruined.
So if you really just removed this you can still login as serveradmin with the password created on the first ever server start (you can also reset it).
However if you removed the permissions from Admin Server Query you have to edit the database manually or reset the server.

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I cannot as I removed the permission for guest user to use the login command. Would’ve worked if I could connect to the server already authenticated as serveradmin but there seems to be no way to do so

Edit: I just found an old backup so problem solved :+1: