Guidelines for applying for TeamSpeak Sponsorship

Hello everyone! I thought I would take some time to explain what TeamSpeak looks for when someone applies for Sponsorship with us.

Where can I apply for Sponsorship?

If you visit: Sponsorship | TeamSpeak, it should take you to a page where there’s some basic details surrounding Sponsorship with us, but also the application form to fill in so we can effectively learn about you and your community.

On the form, you will be presented with a few sections to complete which I will separate below and explain why we ask for these details in an application.

Information about you

  1. First and Last Name - We basically need to identify the server owner for the license here.

  2. Enter your Email Address and Confirm Your Email Address - This is purely to ensure we discuss anything account based with the matching email address on record. Also an Email verification link will be sent to the supplied address. Make sure to whitelist and on your email server to make sure you can verify your email address with us.

  3. Address Line 1 & 2, City, State/Province/County, Postal Code, Country, Contact Telephone Number (including your country code (e.g +44, +1…)) - This section is only used for sponsorship account verification, should your license be compromised in some manner, this gives us an avenue to explore to help you in a nutshell so please don’t supply incorrect details because if you forget what you have added and we attempt to verify you and are unable to, we can’t help you.

Information About Your Organisation

  1. Organisation Name - Your community/team name

  2. Organisation Type - What kind of community are you? e.g. Are you a Clan, University, Gaming Community, Esports Team etc

  3. Your Position/Affiliation - e.g. Owner, Member, Department Head etc

  4. How many Slots do you need? - Think about how many concurrent users you will need online at this time? (Not what you think you will need in the future. This is a common area for people to trip up on an application because the slot requirement vs current needs don’t match up).

  5. Why should we sponsor you? - Briefly tell us why you want TeamSpeak to sponsor you etc. (This is the biggest area where people go wrong on an application). This is essentially your opportunity to tell us why your server is awesome, what your server gets up to, what plans you have for the future, what makes you unique, why does your community love your server to name a few examples. I won’t name names, however we have received lots of applications where this is simply blank, or we’re simply told “we need more slots”, or “we can’t afford a license”, “we need a NPL”, or “we love TeamSpeak”. Now all of these things are ok to say, but if you have no other things to actually say about your community in this section apart from the above, you’re not selling us your community in any way and does lead to rejected applications, so really think about your community and what it means to other people and show us your plans so we can learn as much about you as possible).

Website/Social Media Links

This is self explanatory, this allow us to delve into your world so again we can learn as much as we can about you and your community. (However we do check every element of your social sites so if we find for example that a streamers email address is different than the applications email address, we wouldn’t consider this application because it could be false identity if that makes sense. We also don’t accept non relevant social media. What we mean by this, is if you applied with let’s say … Five Alive’s Valorant Crew, and I shared social media for another team, we wouldn’t consider this either so the links need to be relevant to your community).

Awesome! So you have finished the application, confirmed you are a human and verified the email address which allows TeamSpeak to then review your application.

What does TeamSpeak look for in a sponsor?

So this depends on your application type that you filled out in your application. Below I will separate these:

For Communities:

Do we feel they are worth a license? (Do they have something really unique or special that makes the community a grade above the rest?).

Now this is vague on purpose. We do understand that for the other categories below to happen, people will generally join a community first to explore their new found love for a specific game or a topic, so we realise the importance of a community to bring forth future Esport Teams or Content Creators. Effectively, if you can show us a really unique server and can portray it in a way where we are like “Wow that’s awesome”, you will more than likely obtain sponsorship. (This is why the “Why should we sponsor you”? and “Social links” sections are so important, but also sadly is the largest area where applications go wrong).

For Esport Teams:

  1. The team must be a member of a recognised, searchable league.
  2. The team must have at least 2 active social media profiles.
  3. The team shows completed rosters and games the teams participate in.
  4. Shows rewards/placements so far, upcoming matches, upcoming tournaments etc.

The above are musts. If you don’t have this, your application would be denied.

Content Creators:

  1. Must have at least 10k followers.
  2. Must have social media to support the stream.
  3. Links should lead to the stream and social media and vice versa for verification to prevent false claims of identity.
  4. We must receive the application from the matching business address for the streamer.

Again, the above are musts.

Educational Facilities:

  1. This is on a case by case basis depending on the project.
  2. Must receive the application from a staff members educational institutional email address

Self explanatory really.

So these are the basic guidelines that we look out for in every application. We do of course have the right to reject applications if there may be a reason as to why the relationship might not work. (We have to be careful in who represents TeamSpeak, as some servers may find certain behaviours ok, but it might not be the right fit to portray the business as a whole and could damage our reputation).


All enquiries must go to: [email protected]

Hope this helps you understand our processes at this time. I will be locking this post as I appreciate this can be a touchy subject, however I wanted to make sure there was a visible area for people to review this in relation to this topic.

Thanks and stay safe!