Help...can't connect to one certain teamspeak server

i can join the official test server and all others servers such as FUN & WITZE, but i can’t join my friend’s Server since he got this server from 2 days ago. i have reinstelled Teampeak and change my DNS to still not working, it just says Failed to connect to server
this is really confusing i’m definitely not banned from this server
the server address is:

pls help me i want to play game with my friends
pls pls pls

I guess the problem is resolved now, as I can connect.
If not, the reason should neither be your TS installation nor the used DNS as this is used to get an IP from a domain. eg:
You try to connect to and then TeamSpeak asks your selected DNS

Yo, whats this man’s IP:

And the DNS answers with

Here ya go pal:!

So when you give TS an IP instead of a domain name it won’t even use the DNS.
(Always keep in mind that generally DNSs won’t give you any ports, just IPs)

What could be the reason:

  • provider downtime
  • your firewall blocks outgoing traffic through 9089
  • somehow your IP (range) is blocked from either the providers firewall (or the TeamSpeak server)

For anyone giving further assistance, the server seems to be hosted by
(No advertisement or anything similar)
And just for the record: This is no confidential information as it is part of the WHOIS record of the given IP.

sure that is the right IP address, unfortunately he know nothing about opening a firewall he rent this Server from a website.

OK, i’ll check my firewall first.

i turn off my firewall still can’t connect to THE server, so if that means it’s the server provider’s issue?

as your ask the screenshot was taken after the connection Fail

still not working.
i can connect to all other Servers i could find, why my IPS block this specific IP or the range, this is crazy.
btw.i live in China, maybe i just get fucked by the GREAT FIREWALL…

Ok, so I temporarily set my TeamSpeak proxy to point to your friends server.
Could you try to connect to
This is not a permanent solution but just a step to find the real problem!

i tried Germany and Hongkong, didn’t work out…

This is the Client Log.

ok, thanks a lot, i can now join the server through your proxy, you are amazing.
what is a Proxy?
do i need this everytime i wanna join THE server?


Why it doesn’t work

I spend way to much time designing this:

The thing is the Great Firewall (GFW) - stoked to learn it’s actually called so - blocks (like any other firewall) ports and through some kinda deep package inspection (magic) VPN protocols.
This means most VPNs won’t even work for you.
See here for more info.

Anyway, as your friends server is running on a non default port that seems to be blocked by the GFW you cannot access his server directly. You need some kind of tunnel through the firewall that uses a non blocked port. The easiest way would be to use a VPN that is not blocked by the GFW.
Here’s a list of VPNs that should work.

And now a quick explanation what (my) proxy does:

Now you send a request not to the blocked port 9089 but to the TeamSpeak default port 9987. Such default ports are rather unlikely to be blocked.
My server then listens to any incoming connection on 9987 and just passes it through to 9089 on your friends server.

For anyone interested I use nginx with the stream module and the following config:

#TS server main port
server {
        listen 9987 udp;
        listen [::]:9987 udp;
        proxy_pass ts3_stream_backend2;
        proxy_timeout 60s;
upstream ts3_stream_backend2 {

What you can do about it

This means there is not really much you can do.

  • you could try using another VPN from the list given above.

An easy long time solution would be for your friend to

  • ask his provider to change the port used by his server to a non china blocked one.
  • buy another really cheap vServer and set up his own proxy for this.
  • buy a vServer instead of the TeamSpeak server and just host the TS server there. Than he could use the default port.

And btw please do not try to use file exchange on this TS as this uses another port that is currently not setup (at least not correct) on my proxy. So you would end up sending the files to another TS server.
I have no idea what this does to those servers…

As I said above, this is no permanent solution!

thank you for all the explaination and especially the pic, i understand now how your proxy works.
In China you have to use a Gaming accelerator(google translater…not sure the english word for that. kind of VPN for Games?) to play Steam games. So ill pass the VPN option, also im not sure if that is legal in China :zipper_mouth_face:.
I already let him ask the server provider. We will see.

By this vServer you mean another teamspeak server that i could connect to?
And he quit use the file exchange…

vServer stands for virtual Server. It is just a small (mostly Linux) machine that he can run anything on. So he could install a TeamSpeak server and ditch the one he just got or he installs a proxy to give you access to the current TeamSpeak server.