Help - I forget my password

Hi, I’m an old teamspek customer, I have a lot, a lot of badges, I forgot my password and when I went to recover it on the site and asked for a recovery code, but I don’t have this code because my account is old and the site says if I don’t I have the code I will lose my badges, I have never formatted my computer so I have my account still logged in, and it is in the original email registered in my name, how do I recover the password without losing the badges?

The badges are bound to the myteamspeak account. And will not be affected by the password reset.

All other synchronised items will be deleted, if you do not enter the recovery key.

@Jdastridge you have recovery key

Thank you for asnwer, what exactly is deleted when reset password?
My only concern is the badges, so will they hold up normally?

Sorry for my bad english, thank u for answering.

Hello, thank you for answer.
I dont have a recovery key, because in the past (if i’m not wrong) the TeamSpeak dont use Recovery Key, my account is too old (< 2018), so, i dont have a recovery key.

If you have synchronized your identities or bookmarks with the myteamspeak account than these items will be deleted.

perfect!!! many many thankss!!! thank you alot <3

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