[Help] Latency problem

Hello guys, I have some latency problems here.

I have internet of 60Mbps Download and 8Mbps upload speed. I have no issues running any other games and my latency on anything else is around 30-50 ms. Despite that fact when I connect to any TS3 server my ping is constantly around 130-140. This bothers me as voice quality just isn’t at the same level. Please help me if you can.
Note: Pings are from servers that are in 1000km range (that should not be the problem as earlier ping to the same servers/locations were normal)

that’s a bit much

at this distance its okay i think

This ts server are the 10 slot free servers what the closed beta testers can create and hosted by teamspeak?
Becouse i had too and server that are in 1200km range and i have 80-150 ms on this .
So this is normal.
But i recommend to watch some speed tests to check your internet connection is stable or not :slight_smile:

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Download this little programm called “winmtr” WinMTR für Windows - Lade es kostenlos von Uptodown herunter
then put in the host bar the ip adress of the ts server you are having ping issues. the little programm shows you then the hops (how many times the route changes) and the packets that where send including packet loss.
then you should see if your internet routing could be the issue or onot.

here is a better tutorial: Installing & Running WinMTR on Microsoft Windows - YouTube

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