Help my ears hurt

screeching noise each 10-15 seconds lasting for half a sec, cant find anything to solve it , comes from ts for sure

first check your connection info :slight_smile:

Are you talking about the creepy noise when your microphone is muted? Then disable this in your options:

TeamSpeak Options (click)


Can’t really imagine how loud this sound could be, even if it’s only for a half second.

Make sure…

  • are you connected to a TeamSpeak server?
  • is your microphone/speaker muted?
  • if you’re not muted, is there someone else in your channel who’s trolling ya? Or just a music bot?
  • is your connection pretty healthy, that the noises doesn’t sound so “annoying”?

Good Luck? ^^


Soo while this was happening i
Was connected to a private server « uprising rp » a french GTA V roleplay server
Nothing was muted
The server as mentioned is a pretty big deal and very controlled soo wasn’t a troll
And my connection is/was pretty good but the sound was actually driving me crazy.

Upon further investigation i noticed that what is happening is everone gets unmuted for a split second when the sound is happening. I could see it happening each time, i have a video to back that up.


I uninstalled and installed the 64bits instead of the 32bit. Hope my problem/solution helps someone else in the future

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With that out of the way:

You should have mentioned that you are using a third party plugin for GTA V roleplay. This is the essential bit of information which immediately hints at the source of your problem.

For everyone who doesn’t know:

The way these roleplay plugins works is that everyone on the GTA V roleplay server is together in the same TeamSpeak channel and potentially talking at the same time.

The plugin communicates with GTA V and determines which player should be audible or not based on the player’s ingame status by muting and unmuting people and adjusting their volume to match up with the player’s ingame distance to each other.

If the plugin isn’t working right or not fast enough for whichever reason, this can cause the issue described here where everyone in the roleplay session is briefly unmuted.

Long story short: This issue lies within the plugin and how it works, not within TeamSpeak itself.