Help on Port Forwarding

Hi, I am trying to host a teamspeak server. Everything is fine till it comes to port forwarding. I’m using a Virgin Media Hub 3.0 and when I want to add a new rule I get all the usual things, but then there is something called the External start port and External end port. I don’t know what to put here. I tried putting the same as the Local start and end ports but then when I have added all the Teamspeak ports it won’t work and just says ‘Failed to connect to server’.

Make sure the firewall is on or it won’t port forward at all. If it’s not that, show us the list of ports. start/end port being the same should work.


I have my firewall off, heres a screenshot of what I did.

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Yeah firewall needs to be on or the SH3 won’t port forward at all :slight_smile:


Thanks so much, it worked. And sorry for the late reply, I was playing with my friend.