Help! Removed Grant and Can't change the order of Server Group Icons... :(

Hey all,

Recently I made my own Teamspeak server. I added a couple of server groups, but I have the problem that the icons appear all over the place. I would prefer to sort it in terms of ‘power’.

When I try to edit the ‘i_group_sort_id’ part of the Server Group I receive the message: <17:18:12> insufficient permission modify power. How is this possible, since I carry the role ‘Server Admin’? Somehow only the ‘Server Admin’ role has a i_group_sort_id of 71. I can’t change the value either.

I hope someone can help me out, since I wasted a lot of time already on this and I cannot really find the answer… :frowning:

Images added as illustrations of the problem…



The last picture shows you removed the value from Grant. Without you can not modify the permission anywhere.
You must add it back via ServerQuery serveradmin login and use the “servergroupaddperm” command.

Sry can not give you an example now but I explained that millions of time in our old forum (possibly also here). So please search it.


Hey Chris,

Thanks for your reply. I wouldn’t find the error without your feedback. I will read other posts about ‘servergroupaddperm’ via ServerQuery and hope I am able to fix it!

Found it on the old forum with complete example

login serveradmin PASSWORD
servergroupaddperm sgid=SERVER_GROUP_ID_OF_YOUR_ADMIN_GROUP permsid=i_needed_modify_power_group_sort_id permvalue=75 permskip=0 permnegated=0