[Help] Server Requirements for 32 Users

Hello, I am trying to host TeamSpeak Server on a Linux VPS.

I wish to know the minimum server requirements to host/accommodate 32 users at minimum?

So that when I reach my cap of 32 users on my TeamSpeak server. I don’t face any kind of issues in technical terms.

Please tell me all the specs you can tell.


And anything else if I missed to ask, please say that too.


Hi. Thanks. But answer is very general. I am looking for specific. Please.

Teamspeak Server itself isn’t verry big and doesnt need much resources

On a TS3 server with 128 Clients and more than 500 users connected (not all at once) The installation + sqlite-database-file + uploaded avatars is round about 72 MB of disc space size.

When it comes to RAM and CPU it depends if you just use the 32 client-server without a license the minimal system requirements kinked above will be enough. By the way, the answer above is very specific. TS3 servers in theory could run on a raspberry pi connected to your router. If you know how to connect your raspberry pi to the internet from home by using a static IP and a mapping service yo even don’t need a webserver to run it. As long as you stumble upon on your AC-Adapter when you are cleaning your room :smiley: