Help wit hotkeys for a soundboard

I’m trying to use the soundboard that I downloaded for Teamspeak and when I assign hot keys they do not work

Can you give us more informations? Like Client Version etc.

How do I check that ?

It’s a known problem, did you tried a key emulator ?

What’s that ?

Apps who are able to catch the inputs from external device like pad/controller etc and send a keyboard or a mouse output instead to the others apps.
Antimicro and joytokey are the most known but maybe there is something else i’m not a specialist ^^

So should I try one of those ?

& im already on keyboard and mouse

i hope so ^^,
but like i said there is a problem with some external usb device, TS catch the keypress signal but not the release.
About your case i don’t even know if TS catch any signal from your soundboard.

Oh okay I Understand

When you try to assign a key, TS show something when you press the key on soundboard ?

It doesn’t show anything the music just doesn’t play

I can assign keys but when I use my keyboard to play or pause music it doesnt play or stop

Hum i don’t really understand what you want to do.
I thought that you wanted to use your soundboard to control the TS apps.
What is your objective ?
If you bind a key on TS it’s for control the app with those keys like. Since TS is not a media player i don’t know what you want to play ^^.

On Teamspeak you can download a plug-in named soundboard rp and you can add music to it and assign hot keys . When I assign the hot keys to it the music doesn’t play

Omg man i was so far away from that ahahaha i’ll take a look


well that work perfectly for me can you screen the window of the plugin please.

Damn i barely read your 1st post when i think about my answers ^^
Bro i thought that you had an external pad that you wanted to bind etc etc i was so damn lost again ahaha.

So i guess that the mistake you did is binding a key for profil instead of wanted sound (right click on sound and set hotkey).

Yes I right clicked and pressed set hot keys but when I’m in a game or something it doesn’t work