Help with billing

I rent a server from a gaming place called lightspeedgaming. They don’t answer tickets or email anymore, and payments are being declined. My card is good, everytime I get declined they charge me a dollar for a transaction fee, but they don’t do the transaction. Did they get shut down? How can I get my server back online and make the payment?

Please try to contact the support of your hosting. We can’t help you in TeamSpeak’s forum …but… have you already rented your server there for a longer period of time?
→ Then you may have to resort to your rights as a buyer (depending on what was agreed in the purchase contract).

PS: Their website is working fine for me. Live support unfortunately does not give success on any activity.

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Yeah live support is down and so is the ticket system.
Yes I have had this server a very long time and there is no other way to contact them. I emailed them as well… nothing.
The control panel works except that the payment wont accept my card. It is the same card I been using and the only one I HAVE.

We understand your problem, but no one can help you here… You have to try to establish contact with your hosting.

Just hoped someone knew how to reach them or had some idea if they had shut everything down or whatever. Thanks anyway

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