Hidden channels on TS3, how it is possible?

How its even possible to make hidden channels on ts3?
I entered on a ts where the channels that i can’t see (subscribe power greater than mine) they are hidden
when a player on my room join on it, it just say “Player” left (joined a hidden channel) .
I wanna know how do it, as i searched on much forums and i didn’t found anything

There are no hidden channels.

  • A channel you can not subscribe only hides their users.
  • A channel where you can not see a name for is a spacer where no name was set. Like [spacer1234] as a permanent channel.
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But, i can’t see the cannels of the ts, but if i have register i can see them

i’m pretty sure it’s just the subscribe power. When you registered for it, then you got permissions to see the user’s behind the channel… That means, your subscribe power was accepted.

There’s not, because on the ts have 111 channels and i can only see 16

Screenshot or the address please?


Please send me the server address somewhere. I’d like to see this as well.

wfa.ts3bb.com, there is

All channels there on the server are just spacer. That’s just it.

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I don’t think so…
It says current channel: 101

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And where can you see these ‘magic’ spacers?

And take a look at this?


That’s creepy. Can you explain anything to us? Is this an modified version?

EDIT: There’s something new…


EDIT: Second changes… interesting fact:


Modified… strictly.


It’s a TeaSpeak permission

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wow, that explain much, thanks !! i hope that ts3 have something like it one day

But wait is this than a TeaSpeak Server or a TeamSpeak Server?

It seems to be a TeaSpeak server.
When you buy a license for these servers they basically emulate a TeaMSpeak server so even TeaMSpeka client can join and the server showing up as a regular one.

Oh wow didn’t knew that. But like @ThePampaK already said this feature would be really cool if TeamSpeak would implement it.


Hello, today I have come to ask the community, How is it possible to create a hidden channel? That is, no one can see it if they do not have the permission, careful I’m not talking about not being able to subscribe, but rather that do not appear to see it. The other day I walked into a TS3 and they had quite a few rooms like that. Thanks and I hope someone helps me

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