Hide rooms for guest groupe

Hi, how can add new permissions for this set ?
Version TS server is 3.3.0 Linux

You can do that by giving the Server Guest group the i_client_max_channel_subscriptions Permissions with value of 1 or 0

but this hide only ppls in rooms and i need hide all rooms

You can not hide channels, but you can hide members in channel.
It’s not possible to hide channels entirely, you can however hide the users in it using i_channel_needed_subscribe_power.

check this

That’s no TeamSpeak server. We do not provide any support for these servers.

TeamSpeak has no option to hide channels to specific server groups. As Rikku said, you can hide people in channels.

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and cant add this access for me ts server ?

We will not help you further here because it is not an official TeamSpeak server. You would be better off downloading a TeamSpeak server from the official TeamSpeak site. TeamSpeak Downloads | TeamSpeak

What do you mean exactly? The Server will get blacklisted in the near Future. I will report that to the Piracy Department. :upside_down_face:

I don’t think, the shared server is his own one.

You can’t get access to unsupported features.
Use the subscription power to hide people inside a channel for the guest server group. Otherwise we can’t help you.

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