High Packet Loss on One Specific Server

I’ve been using a TeamSpeak server to communicate with friends while we play ArmA for about a year now. For the past three days, I’ve had 10-40% packet loss on this specific server, while my connection on other servers is unaffected. My network diagnostics are good at 110 Mb/S Down and about 45Mb/S Up.

It seems that the host of your server got issues.
Our host also have issues since a few days.

The question is…

  • Is it the average packet loss from ALL your user’s together?
  • Is it only the server which has got some big issues?
  • Or is it the TeamSpeak server’s fault?

Well I only believe that it’s one of the first two points.

Please check the packet loss from all other user’s together or check it in another way.
The only logical anwser is that the server does got some problems.

This is up to you… or your provider, somehow…


I only have one server with any packet loss. It went away for a day, but now it’s back.
Every other server, I have 0% packet loss.

Nobody else in the server is having the same issue, so I doubt that it’s serverside.

I ran a tracert
From hops 1-16, there were 5 times where packet did not return.
From hops 17-30, no packets were returned.

How do I solve this issue? Is this entirely the fault of my ISP routing to the targeted IP?