Highlights are taken over via clients

When I highlight the description or user tag of a client and click on another client, the highlighting is applied to that client.


Sometimes, even though I have only marked the client description, the user tag is also marked if I click on another client.


When marking the user tag this is interrupted as soon as I click on a TS3 client, probably because this one has no user tag. Nevertheless, it’s annoying that the highlighting is taken over by other clients.

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Well, it works totally fine for me. No issues with that. Wait until the next beta and its fixed

I can reproduce this. But i can tell this is not worth to change anything here.
How often do people mark this text location and switch users. :man_shrugging:

Why are you do you mark it at all?


Well I like to copy my description after my status resets all the time and then I like to switch through. :man_shrugging: