Host had to scrub my server. Installing fresh. Can't connect to server IP or Telnet into it

It’s been quite some time since I had to install TS on my server. I installed it, did a screen shot of the Server Query and Server Admin key popup. I made a sever nickname with domain in my TeamSpeak account.

I’ve read the docs that came with the installer, but there seems to be a gap in what to do after you launch the server program and then creating my first user account. If I can’t telnet to it, I can’t use the Query commands.

Could someone point me to the right " how-to" in the forum?

Have you checked if all ports are open?

You can check all ports here

Are you sure the TS Server is running at all?
Check the server log 0 and 1 please.

Ignore the question when you can connect with a TS client.
But then double check what @opZ1ca wrote and that server log 0 also says the right ports and IP binding.

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