Host message disconnects me from server

Hey! I have a team peak on my VServer, where I have set up the welcome message in such a way that you will be kicked again immediately when connecting, because we have just set the team peak in “maintenance work”. Unfortunately I am now also disconnected and no longer come to the server … I wanted to ask if you can help me or know how to fix it.

You can undo this only via ServerQuery / WebQuery .

Login as serveradmin (or with own account if you got one) into the query. Or ask your host to undo this.


Login serveradmin yourpasswordhere
use 1
serveredit virtualserver_hostmessage_mode=1

HostMessageMode_LOG = 1, // 1: display message in chatlog
HostMessageMode_MODAL, // 2: display message in modal dialog
HostMessageMode_MODALQUIT // 3: display message in modal dialog and close connection


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Hi, I get a big problem today on my teamspeak server.
Nobody can join to server, after 1ms everyone is kicking from server with reason “leaving…”.
I can’t even join by YatQa as Query.
In logs there is no errors, just this:

2021-08-20 11:30:58.577573|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|1  |listening on, [::]:9987
2021-08-20 11:30:58.879682|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|1  |client connected 'Misiaczek'(id:6126) using a myTeamSpeak ID from there_is_somebody_ip:57494
2021-08-20 11:30:58.965356|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|1  |client connected '[BOT MUZYCZNY]'(id:4419) from
2021-08-20 11:30:59.007155|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|1  |client connected '[BOT RAPER]'(id:4420) from
2021-08-20 11:30:59.082004|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|1  |client connected '[PAY2WIN BOT]'(id:6909) from
2021-08-20 11:30:59.119259|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|1  |client disconnected 'Misiaczek'(id:6126) reason 'reasonmsg=opuszczanie'
2021-08-20 11:30:59.214907|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|1  |client disconnected '[PAY2WIN BOT]'(id:6909) reason 'reasonmsg=leaving'
2021-08-20 11:30:59.719015|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|1  |client disconnected '[BOT MUZYCZNY]'(id:4419) reason 'reasonmsg=leaving'
2021-08-20 11:30:59.761555|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|1  |client disconnected '[BOT RAPER]'(id:4420) reason 'reasonmsg=leaving'
2021-08-20 11:31:03.780745|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|1  |client connected 'lodo'(id:6899) using a myTeamSpeak ID from there_is_somebody_ip:55308
2021-08-20 11:31:05.321603|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|1  |client connected 'Nomand'(id:6301) from there_is_somebody_ip:61900
2021-08-20 11:31:05.514068|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|1  |client disconnected 'Nomand'(id:6301) reason 'reasonmsg=opuszczanie'

How to fix this ? Teamspeak IP to test this problem:

As far as I can see, the host message mode on your server is set to modalquit. As soon as you connect to the server, the host message appears and you disconnect automatically.

Normally you should still be able to log in via query on YatQa and change the host message mode under Advanced.

Try to access the server via telnet (e.g. Putty) and remove the modalquit with the following steps.

login serveradmin password
use sid= (mostly "1")
serveredit virtualserver_hostmessage_mode=0

Make sure that you use the correct credentials for query access.


Telnet and YatQa no response after trying to connect. (I have this on VPS)
My teamspeaks works from almost 4 years and today just stop working correctly :confused:

// EDIT: I found a backup from 13 days ago and everything works here (maybe I just don’t see icons)
// But It will be good to fix problem :x
// Ahhh… maybe prefirewall blocking teamspeak query, topic to close :x Thanks for help