Hotkey Server Toggle/Assign Server Group Hotkey

Hi there,

i’d like to add a hotkey for toggling an server group.
I want the hotkey to toggle a server group called: “Support Bereitschaft”.

I already found the Permissions Sections under Hotkeys and the Toggle Server Group function.
But it doesnt work for me. :confused:

Can anybody tell me what i have to write instead of “CurrentGroup;GroupToToggle”.

Thx in advance

CurrentGroup is the client selector. The hotkey will affect everyone that has this server group.
GroupToToggle is the server group selector. This indicates the group that bill be assigned or revoked.
Selectors need to be specified with their names (NOT their IDs).

Unfortunately there is no way of selecting only yourself. This would require a custom plugin.

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thx for your answer :slight_smile: