Hotkeys for PTT is not working

Installed TS yesterday, and hotkeys are not working at all. I tried mouse 4/5 and keyboard keys, none are working.
A topic from 2012 mentions that running a game as admin can interfere, don’t know if that is still the case but neither the launcher nor the game is running as admin.
I also tried launching ts as admin.

Ok, in the menu “self” there’s a hotkey profile that has “default” in it, you have to click on “default” so it’s now active, then hotkeys work, but you have to manually do this every time you connect. Why the hell this isn’t default i do not know.

You explicitly said you do not want to have an active Hotkey profile when this is not loaded each time your connect.

You just need to enable that profile in your bookmark.

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No i did not say that, but please do quote me as i’m rather interested in how you arrived at that conclusion from what i said.

From a user perspective it’s poor UI design, because for one thing to work OOTB, without any clues you have to activate something else elsewhere and add a bookmark or it’ll only work for one session. Otherwise “default” will be deactivated the next app launch, which again isn’t clear that the reason it’s deactivated is because you haven’t added a bookmark.

A fix could be to make the “default” profile active by default when installing the app. Or underneath the hotkey box there could be a message.

The default profile is active on a default installation or when you just add a new bookmark. This is why i wrote “explicitly said you do not want to have an active Hotkey profile”

“Always Default” is what is set there and this uses the currently set Default profile. Same as Identity or Audio profiles.

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So it’s a bug? Because for me “default” was not active after installation.

Installed, connected to server, went to settings and adjusted volumes, set a hotkey, apply & ok. Hotkey didn’t work. That’s how i experienced it.

Edit: Seems like the bug is still present, if i connect using “connect” it disables “default” and hotkey stops working.
Should i try reinstalling the app?

Open your bookmark list and select Manage Bookmarks.
Now choose the bookmark(s) where the profile is not loaded and enable the profile. (if you do not see any click on Go Advanced next to the OK button".

If this still does not help go into the options and make sure you have a valid Default profile (shown with bold text).

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It works with bookmarks, but if i use “connect” it stops working.

Same there but just the “More” button.

But you were saying that “The default profile is active on a default installation” and so far that has not been the case.

And this is the case.

Here is a pic of what you get when the client has no database and need to generate it first.
(NOTE: is says standard in my client because my original windows was german and the client starts in german and creates german profile names then)

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Ok, so if that is not the case for my installation, then we’re talking a bug?

No. Not as long this is not reproducible (and as shown i can’t).
You may have changed that in the past and then it uses or do not use any of the desired profile.

So it’s just random chance. As mentioned i had just installed the program the previous day.