Hotkeys stop working when I run a Game (or other software)

I use TS for comms during sorties in Flight Sim. If the active window is the flight sim window my PTT key doesn’t work in TS. I have to click the TS screen in order to talk, then click back on the Flight Sim window to continue the flight. Is there any way to correct this or is it a known problem?

This is not a known problem. It’s the desired behavior from Windows to block other apps to record keystrokes when at least one app starts in Admin Mode.

Short your Flight Sim blocks keystrokes to be send to other apps (which do not run in admin mode).

To fix that issue you got, you need to stop running your Flight Sim in admin mode.

You should not run any software in admin mode, when it is not needed.


Thanks for the HU Chris. Works perfectly!

I also found I had a similar issue but it was a result of have the same key bound to something in the game or application for example I use caps lock for my ptt but the same used caps lock for walk, as soon as i changed the in-game binding it fixed the issue