How can i add a Group template

How does one add a group template?


Template Group

It’s a group from the whole server instance which is used to recreate or copy normal Server Groups.
This group can not be used for clients.

All groups will be copied from the template, when…

  • You create a new virtual server
  • You do a permreset (which deletes all normal server and channel groups)
  • Can be used to reset/overwrite just the target group via ServerQuery. Or just to createa new group as a copy from such template.


servergroupcopy ssgid=4 tsgid=X name=Normal type=1

There is also a template server
Every new created virtual server will take the settings from this template server.
This server can not be started and has the ServerID=0.
It can be edited with the ServerQuery only. Command Use 0 selects the server.

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What TeamSpeak version are you using?
I am pretty sure this should say Create group using this type and when you select Template group it will create a new template. You will be able to copy the template group to a normal group like @Rikku said.

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To answer the original Question:

You add such template via ServerQuery or WebQuery by using your serveradmin login with command

servergroupadd name=group_Name_here type=0

Thank you for the help. Now I may be a little bit dumb but how and where do I type said code?

You can open a “telnet” connection to your TeamSpeak 3 server. Just follow the steps:

  • Windows

    1. Download Putty:
    2. Open Putty
    3. Enter your TeamSpeak 3 server address in the Putty field ‘Host Name (or IP Address)’
    4. Connection Type: Telnet
    5. Port: 10011 (default)
    6. Now open your telnet connection by pressing the button “Open”
    7. If all was correctly, you will see something like this:

Welcome to the TeamSpeak 3 ServerQuery interface, type “help” for a list of commands and “help ” for information on a specific command.

  1. As next step, you have to login with your ServerQuery account:



For example like this:


login serveradmin verySecret$Password2013

Your server will answer you, if your login was successfull or not:

error id=0 msg=ok

if the login was successfull then you can use the command that @TS.ChrisR wrote. :slight_smile:

servergroupadd name=group_Name_here type=0

So what I do is Login and then type servergroupadd name=Owner type=0 into Putty?


thank you for the help, really do appreciate it!!

No Problem, you are welcome here. :slight_smile:
If you have any Questions feel free to ask here. :slight_smile:

You login and then you need to select a server that does not have the id 0.
use port=9987 or Use 1 and then you can add the group.

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I cannot do anything… I cannot even see the server group list when I type in that command

As said you need to select anyserver first that is not ID 0. Else these commands will not work.

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How do I select a server that doesn’t have ID 0?

use <id>
eg.: use 1

So you have to:
login <username> <password>
use <id>
servergroupadd name=group_Name_here type=0