How can i change the security level

how to change the security level in the identities tab.

There is no way to do that from your mobile device.
You have to export your identity and increase the level from a computer and then import it again.

A faster solution is to sync your data with your “myteamspeak” account and your identities from your computer (which i guess are already increased) will be available on your mobile device too.

EDIT: @_ニャー_3 i was sure that thing didn’t exist in mobile version. NVM, @soup95 just follow the steps bellow.

If by ”how to change” you mean ”how to improve” Security Level, here’s how to do it (at least on Android):

  1. Enter Identities Tab.

  2. Choose an Identity you want to improve.

  3. Tap Improve.

  4. Choose new Security Level (maximum capped at 30), tap Start and wait until Security Level improves.

Just tried it before posting and it works on both Synchronized as well as Local Identities.

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