How can I disable the TS update message?

The new version 3.6.x brings a forced API which no plugin supports.
First about your versioning, breaking changes should have a major number update according to SEMVER standard.
Anyway I downgraded and waiting until the plugin guys are updating their supported API’s.
Until that point, I do not like to click away every TS start the update reminder/update check/update available.

How to disable the update function?

The update message itself can’t be disabled.

Please contact the plugin author to update his plugins.

If it’s one of ours you can update them with this plugin installer


The latest version caused me and everyone I know to not use the latest version. How can we stop the update message, so we don’t accidently let it update. the 3.6.0 is a huge problem for us. everytime we open it, it asks for the update. Thanx.

Is there a way to stop the “update check” tab when I start TS3 for the first time when I boot my PC?