How can i get new TS version

i got a new Badge called “test”, so i’m subscribe to beta tester and i wanna know how can i download it?
Already search at my email some key and didnt recieve it… so image

There are no keys anymore.
With having the badge you can just login and download the beta from


i was in the same situation as you a few weeks ago. while I registered myself for the beta in January or so, i never received a key. I just had @Gamer92000mentioned link at my desktop and clicked at it out of curiosity again. and boom, i got it.
It would be nice, if there was any word about an available download in my registred mail though- because that was the enire purpose, wasn’t it? :wink:

Well, meanwhile it says on that you don’t receive an email with a key, but that you should check your myTeamSpeak badges to see if you have received the Test badge.

as regular user, we couldnt care less about our badges.
I just checked by chance, but a notification would be cool next time, especially if the TeamSpeak-Team wants to pull registered/ TS3-User over :grin: