How can i install a Ts3plugin

first sorry for bad english im from poland.
for some time, when I download just any ts3plugin and open it, a window appears and says that a new application is needed for the .ts3 plugin file. the point is that I don’t think I have a program that opens ts3plugin, please help
I reinstalled ts3 and it did not help.

The TS3 plugins are loaded with the TeamSpeak 3 Package Installer (package_inst.exe).

If you don’t have this option, go to your TeamSpeak 3 installation folder and run the createfileassoc.exe as administrator. After that you should be able to open the plugin.

did not help. :frowning:

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Then choose the binary package_inst.exe directly when Windows asks you how to open it.


thank you it works

Where would you find the file “createfilessoc.exe”?

I’m having the same issue and tried looking for the file you mentioned in the folder where Teamspeak is located, but there was nothing there with that name. Is there no website I can just download the package installer? I’m having a hard time finding out how to get it and I can’t find any tutorials or discussions online on how.

You will find it in your TeamSpeak 3 Installation Directory :slight_smile:


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I think maybe I’m getting to the directory wrong. I click on This PC>Local Disk (C)>Program Files> Then I search TeamSpeak, but nothing comes up. I’ve always had a problem finding these types of files, unfortunately, so I think maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Update: I right clicked on TeamSpeak> Open File Location and I think it brought me to the directory because some of the same files I see in your screenshot are on there, but the “createfileassoc.exe” and “package_inst.exe” files are not there.

Just open the path via shortcut (make a right click on the client shortcut).


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I did that but, unfortunately, the files are not there. :frowning:

By default you wont see package_inst.exe on Windows.
You will just see package_inst because .exe is a known file ending and this view is disabled on default windows settings.

If that is not there, reinstall the client


I ended up uninstalling TeamSpeak then using the first link you sent me to reinstall it,except this time it showed up as TeamSpeak 3 Client in its name and it had all the files! I was finally able to get past the step I was stuck on! Thank you so much!!! :smiley: