How can I install or Update the App without access to the Playstore?

Hello, I live in Belarus and I can’t update the application on Google Play, this is due to sanctions. Is it possible to get an app update at the moment through the forum?

Not sure even what you mean “through the forum” but you can’t update the app legally other than the Play Store. You also won’t get find much help here on ways to omit the limitations because it may infringe on the TOS.


As Fubister did answer.

Your Android device must be able to reach and use Google’s Playstore. Else the app can’t be installed/updated.

Maybe with the next Mobile client this may change. But I can’t promise this at the point of development.


Okay, I understand, only I bought the application on Google Play, then why can’t I get the update personally if Google Play does not allow you to update in the store. It is not known when the issue with sanctions will be resolved, but oh, how you don’t want to sit on a buggy application.

That’s why (if that’s the case.)

The Playstore, Laws or Regulations are not in our hand or control.

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