How can i limit server admin group to cannot change member add power


i want to limit server admin group to cannot set Server Admin permission,

i tried to put:

i_group_member_add_power = 99
i_group_needed_member_add_power = 100

but i still can edit it and then set permission, i want to limit it, to cant edit it

To archive that you must remove the Grant value completely or set it higher than groups i_permission_modify_power.

Warning you won’t be able to change the permission any longer!!!
Only when got access to the serveradmin query login or a copy of that group or Grant set in own client permission you will be able to edit that one then.

Grant (the power that is needed to edit this permission) isn’t compared against the permission you see. It is always compared against the mentioned permission modify power (the power you have to edit permissions).


hi, but when i remove grant, or set i_permission_modify_power lower then grant, i still can edit it.

Then you are in another group or got client permissions where this is still enabled.
My guess because i got no permissions overview from your groups.


Grant is 101

and i_permission_modify_power is 100

Same permission and i don’t have any client perms

and still i can change i_group_member_remove_power…

You must own the permission modify power of 101 or you set yourself b_permission_modify_power_ignore as active.
Else you would not be able to set the Grant value above 75 or still can change it after you raised above your own permission modify power.

None of above can be done without having ServerQuery serveradmin permissions. By default this is the only group that can do this at all.

Ps this is not a permissions overview.