How can i make a group permanent?

How can I convert temp Server Groups to permanent?


Add the b_group_is_permanent right to the group.

To find the right one you can use the filter above.

Edit: You can use the Advanced permission system to search the Right.

To do this, go to Settings → Options → Application and click on “Advanced permission system”.

And now you can search for the b_group_is_permanent Right in the Filter. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, got it.

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thank you

Hello everybody,

I’m using TeamSpeak 3 server version 3.3.17 and I created a server permissions group for mods on my server. Everything works fine except that when I’m going to assign that group to a user it says [temp] in the groups list. After I assign the group to the user and he disconnects he loses the moderator group.

Why does the group show as temp and how do I change it?

Thanks on beforehand!


Hey @DonK_KijotE,

You will find a Solution in this Thread: How can i make a group permanent?

Damn, I was looking for temporary all the time and didn’t find that… My bad.

Thanks for the quick response Rikku, have a nice day!

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