How can I make it so that one person can talk at a time in certain channels in my ts3 server?

Hello. I am part of a FiveM community and we use TeamSpeak as a main source of communication. I was wondering if there is a specific plugin that I can find so that only one person can talk at a time when in a channel.

Hello, with this plugin

If I understand your request correctly, this plugin allows you to chat with people side by side but as soon as people move away they no longer get along.

I have already seen people use the plugin on FiveM

No. I mean like a sort of plugin that would not involve in-game activity at all. It is just for channels in the TeamSpeak for example. If you start pressing the push to talk, and I try to press it while you are talking then it would cut me off and not allow me to talk until you finish talking.

As far as I am aware, there are no publicly available plugins that do this, however you are welcome to DM me and we can talk.