How can i setup that not all server start automatically

Okey, i kind of made progress in my problem.
I got a question now:
If i have 2 Virtualservers running, will both be started when i execute the startscript?
And is there a way to control via Serverquery that only one of them is starting and the other will be still turned off after using the startscript?
I hope u can follow.

Ahaa, and how do i activate or deactivate that autostart feature?


Split that off-topic into an own topic.

As Fake said. You disbale it for the server you do not want to start.

ServerQuery command is

serveredit virtualserver_autostart=0

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But that is just possible to configure via ServerQuery and not with the Teamspeak client?

That could be the cause, why my server did not start initially using the startscript.
Cuz using YATQA doesnt mean anything else than using ServerQuery but with GUI.
So it was possible to start the server with ServerQuery manually, but prob the autostart feature was turned off somehow.

Actually is it normal that it returns an errormsg every single time u output a ServerQuery command with telnet connection?
it always says: Error = 0 ; msg= OK. or sth?

Yes only via ServerQuery you can edit this setting. That’s the only supported way to edit it afterwards.

msg = OK. Command was ok :smiley:

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Okey, thank you. That’s solving my problem.
Feel free to close the other Thread as well.