How do i change it from "player" to a custom name?

PR test

To rename yourself right click on your client and choose Change Nickname. Then you can give yourself another nickname.

i want to make it a default name when people join. Some servers have it costumed to, for example, “PR {ID}” so that I don’t have to change it every time

i don’t even know if we can change the name of someone.
The only thing you can do is put a prefix behind each name by renaming the guest role and change the permission to put it as prefix.
I made a quick search : no you can’t change the name of someone.

If you mean like this, you must adjust the code of your plugin and recompile it. We use SaltyChat and had to customize the source code too.


Can you give me the script for adjusting the code? I am not that good in coding.

Thank you

For SaltyChat you should go on GitHub since there is a newer version available which comes with a setting for that so you don´t have to change code.

I am using tokovoip for the server. Do you know how to do it?

Since I am not using that I am unable to help you there, but my tip is still to go check out their forum or GitHub.

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