How do I get a new recovery key? My Badges are not shown in client

This is how cryptography works…
You can decrypt your data and ONLY you can do it. So if you don’t have a decryption key (aka password or recovery key), yes there is no way…

You will need to perform a fallback to synchronize new data and will keep your badges as they (obviously) don’t need to be encrypted.

Any application that does not offer such a service stores your data virtually without any protection!

PS: myTeamSpeak is not yet a decade old.


I want to login to my myTeamSpeak Account but I need a recovery key. Because I dont have this key, I wanted to reset the recovery key with my passwort but that work neiteher.

If you no longer have your old recovery key, you must first do a fallback to get a new one.

Save this one, because it is very important!

Okay, thank you but how do I get to this Webside?

Website for what?


Dear Teamspeak team, I have a question, I forgot the password from my recovery key, is it possible to create a new one? And then the second problem comes when I press New Recovery Key on it, nothing happens

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  2. Please take have a look into this Thread at the 2nd Post: How do I get a new recovery key? My Badges are not shown in client - #2 by TS.ChrisR
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Hello, I have a problem. Recently my TeamSpeak crashed, after that I could not log in my myTeamSpeak account for a short time. After the login is working again, my badges are gone, on the website myTeamSpeak I can still see the badges on my account, but on the TeamSpeak itself they are not there. myTeamSpeak account is also synchronized. In addition, on all Ts3 servers where I join always comes an error message that the server icons are not available, but I see them. How can I fix all this?

Unfortunately, I no longer have the key, I have had the account forever. Therefore, I no longer know where the key is. Have also tried it as described above, which remained without success

You need to do a fallback. But you will loose all your synced data (identities and bookmarks) within myTeamSpeak (Badges are not impacted by that)

How do I make the fallback? Have done so as described here is in other comments, but that did not help.

You have to select Fallback in the dialog where you get asked for the recovery key (you can right-click the icon in client status bar to get into the dialog). This will wipe your synced stuff from your account and will generate a new encrypted in the system. You will get a new recovery key afterwards.

I have now run this as described, this has led to no success

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How do I get my recovery key when I click on the option “New Recovery Key” where do i find this?

You cannot find an already created key in the client. You would have had to save it externally when you created it.


You must enter your old Recovery key first or do a Fallback in case “New Recovery” does not work.
You did reset your password and this account need to be decrypted first or encryption must be reset.


If I do a fallback I would than loose all my books marks, and data ect? I click the recovery key blue link in enter in my Teamspeak password. Nothing happened after that, it didn’t give me a recovery key.

Yes. All synced data is gone.

Please read my post above. There is no way around that.


Hey, ChrisR this question may sound repeated . But, if i have teamspeak on chrombook in it is Linux and i have all my bookmarks etc on my chromebook TS3. But, i do a fallback on my windows 10 teamspeak will all my data be gone on my chromebook TS3? Also when i requested a new recover key it gave me this “SyncImpl Info Successfully requested new backup key” but i never got my key and I didn’t do a fall back. What would happend if i hit fallback on my Linux ts3 and get a new recover key to use on my PC TS3 with the same email etc.

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