How do I get a new recovery key? // My Badges are not shown in client

the recovery key is really annoying.

i didn’t mind losing my data, so i checked the “i got the recovery key”-box, changed password, logged on again. now i read further down i wasn’t supposed to have a key, but to create one first. then why not tell me on the password-change dialogue, but somewhere in the forum? well, thats done.

now i am logged in with the new password, not even mad about losing data, just looking to get a new recovery key because that’s got to be possible, i thought. but eff me in th a it isn’t. now it’s greyed out. so once you “cut your losses”, your banned from the kingdom it seems.

nevermind answering me, i will just create a new account. but its stupid. it really is. i hope this is a transitioning problem and with a new account its less enigmatic what to do.
effing discord is hiding in the bushes and your users have to put up with this sheit.

welp, thanks for a cool product anyway, i guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

First off you did not just change your password. You did reset the password and this is why you need the recovery key. With a simple password change that would not be required.

On the website you must’ve confirmed that you risk to lose data without the recovery key.

What you need to do now. You now got 2 Options.

1. Apply your last generated Recovery Key.

This is the only way to get any synced item (Bookmarks, Identities, Hotkeys) back and allows you to use Badges again.

You can not get a new recovery without Fallback!
We do not know they key. Only you had it shown when it was generated in the TS client.
There is no way that we or anyone else can recover the synced data without a backup of the last generated recovery key!

2. Re-encrypt your account with the Fallback option

With this method any synced item stored online will be deleted from your account. In case you still have your items cached in your client it will re upload these to your account.

This can be done via Fallback in TS3 by clicking on the notification about encryption or the exclamation mark on the bottom of the client.

In TS5 you can not miss the dialog. and choose to Recover without key.

And then you get a new key and you get access again to request a new one and just the delete the one you got before.

You got a client that still has your bookmarks and identity? Then you may try this.

My Badges do not show in client?

As long your account is encrypted and you did not enter your recovery key or made a fallback the badges are not synced to your client.

See above to solve this.


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how to get a new recovery key , if i lost the other one can i apply for it? please i need this fast

You can’t just get a new key.

You must use Fallback first.


good evening, I recently returned with my ts account from a new pc and asked me to enter the backup key. I wanted to ask where I could get it since I can’t find it in my email. Thanks

There is no backup, in case you did not make one.

There was a dialog in the client when you logged the first time.
The dialog where the key was shown told you to save/store it somewhere.


A few days ago I changed the password for myTeamspeak and a short time later all rights and data were gone. Even the saved TS³ servers.
Reconnecting to myTeamspeak was not successful either.

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Resetting your password will remove all your existing myTeamSpeak customizations from your clients unless you have your Recovery Key backed up.

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I have the problem I have lost from my recovery key but do I have the data from my phone since my favorites are all still on it just on my ts3 possibility on the PC are all away there is one that somehow transfer data from the phone on the PC ? would have liked my whole favorites again

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Following how to can be done on any TS3 client (PC, Android or iOS)

What you could try is to run the pc client again (or any other device) in case it still has your data

Run that client without a connection to the internet!

Now drag & drop all your favorites, identities etc. to the local area (can also be done via right-click on items).
Now connect to the internet again and login with your new password or do the fallback.
Now you can put them back into synchronized area.
This time make sure you have stored your recovery key! You can generate a new one under settings - options - myTeamSpeak


but how is it going from the mobile phone???

Drag and Drop the Bookmark or Identity to the Local area on the bottom. As explained.
On iOS you need to pres the edit button first.


I have an android

thank you have managed many thanks

Ok, so i originally had 2 Accounts. With one being my main and my second being a backup, so i kinda forgot my recovery keys for both of the accounts, so i cannot recover anything, same goes with my passwords, since i cant remember my password i cant get a new key, any suggestions? maybe TS Support peeps could bypass, the bypassers and help me a lil xD

Well, nope.
TeamSpeak is secure.
This unfortunately means that there is no way of decrypting your data without the password or recovery key. If you did not change the password yet you can just keep on trying.
Also if you are still logged in and have the account on a system you could export all synchronized data to a backup and then restore it after a fallback.

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Everya time, I start teamspeak, this notification pops up, when I click on it, it wants recovery key.
That is something, I did not knew. bit of google, on “myTeamSpeak” found “New Recovery Key” - entered password, got a lots of symbols. I copied that, pasteed that to that notification, where it wants recovery key.
From that, I get “Failed to restore recovery key” - what to do with it now? And why is it even doing? Everything works when I just ignore it… :smiley:

Have you by any accident changed password to myTS account (as it looks like you did)? This message appears when you do so and it wants a recovery key you were provided with on your first login.

Just pasting any recovery key wouldn’t help.

so, because I at same point changed password, I can no longer get that recovery key? So this will pop up every time and I just can’t do anything with it?
At some time, I think I changed password. But is it really that stupid to not be able to do anything with it?