How do I limit users?

Hello! How can I limit the maximum connected users through a start up command? Not query. My current start up command is ./ts3server default_voice_port=25568 query_port=10011 filetransfer_ip= filetransfer_port=30033 license_accepted=1 virtualserver_maxclients=0strong text**. Virtualserver_maxclients does not seem to work for me.

This is only a Server Query command.


You can’t do this by any file.

Only the client or ServerQuery interface allows you to do this.

This configuration file does not refer to the virtual server or adjustable functions of the TeamSpeak 3 server instance, but to the TeamSpeak 3 server instance in the sense of the configuration, where it finds what during the start-up process.

This one only should be used on first start. Because this is the only applied once when the first server was created. After that this won’t have any effect on the server(s).

The voice port can only be changed via ServerQuery.


Hello! Thank you so much for the reply. Is there any way that I can limit the users through a file? Because I’m working on a hosting provider, and each plan has a user limit.

As Rikki wrote.
You only can set it via ServerQuery. Or with a client that did connect.

No file or start parameters.


Is there a way I can make Pterodactyl connect to query?

You can use any Tool that can connect via Telnet or SSH or can send commands into the WebQuery.

But for support you may ask the author of your tools. We can only tell you how to use our software.


Hello. Pterodactyl is not quite a support for tools. It’s a control panel designed to manage servers. Start, restart, stop, file manager, backups, et cetra. I don’t really think that it can use tools like that, especially that it requres a Linux server to run.