How do increase text size in specific frame/tabs?

Please see this screenshot


It looks like you’re using something ~4K resolution with scaling. TS has problems with this and from what I remember, it’s not that easy to help you.

You’ll probably need to edit currently used theme, but that can be hard.

Other way would be to decrease resolution (to 1920x1080), but it might not be ideal for you.

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my main monitor is 4k, but the one I use TS3 on is 1920x1080 and the rest of TS3 looks ok, look at the top where Connections, Bookmarks, Self etc. menu is

P.S. TeamSPeak3 was fine just yesterday and changed when I have connected to my home computer today with Anydesk, have no idea what happened

Two monitors with different resolutions shouldn’t create such an issue, as long as none of these use any type of scaling available in Windows.

So, the question is: Do you use Windows scaling on any of your monitors? If yes then try disabling it for a moment and check if that helps.

I have 3 monitors :slight_smile: but that doesn’t matter) no, do not have/use anything like that but shouldn’t anything like Windows scaling scale everything in TS3, but just part of it?

You can zoom in and out in the areas with CTRL + scrollwheel. I just have no idea why the font in your TAB is so small. So u change nothing by yourside?

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Fantastic! Thanks a lot so that is how it happened by accident when I was using Anydesk! So got the right hand side frame back to normal text size which is the most important one, but the tabs( at the top and bottom ) won’t change like that(

Might be a weird question but did u restart your computer since your anydesk change the scalling? I think there was a similiar bug in the past.

EDIT: found an old post with the same problem


great advise! That helped! Thanks a lot!

Thanks everyone!

For me the problem reached Windows 10 itself… in the taskbar… when I booted up on my TV and switch my main monitor as primary. I still have to reboot to get it fixed.