How Do We Disable Communities LInk?

is there some way to completely disable the communities link icon? I am on a private setup and quite frankly its rude and intrusive.

What do you mean? Got a picture of what that icon?

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We should be able to disable that via toggle.

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That’s hardly intrusive, isn’t it?.. It would certainly be if you had a fullscreen overlay every time you launched TS forcing you to join another room.

Should there also be an option for me to disable the settings icon because I do not intend to change any settings?

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That would be silly as settings are a vital feature. Joining a community is not.

These icons can’t be disabled and we do not have any reason to do it.

You are not forced to use this feature and it doesn’t do anything as long you do not click on them.


To many people it is. It replaces the server browser of TeamSpeak 3 and even introduces a new mechanic to discover chat rooms.
You might not be interested in it but you are not forced to use it. It is a small icon right where you’d expect it to be. If you really want to hide that badly you can just create your own theme including something like this:

div:has(> div.ts-sidebar-tab-sub-panel-accessory svg[name="discover"]) {
    display: none;

I am not a coder. Which is why I was asking.

Also this is TS5 not 3.

Yes, and I was saying this new TeamSpeak 5 feature already existed in TeamSpeak 3 and was only improved since then.

If you want to remove features that are not intended to be removed and are not capable of doing on your own you will need to find someone that is willing to do so. As Chris stated above, TeamSpeak is not one of them.


Well, I did a thing…

To you I’d recommend the following options:

  • I am shy.
  • I hate people.
  • Mute and Deaf.
  • Loneliness.

Each option also has a small preview.

Just install it like any other theme. Just keep in mind that you can not use any other theme then.