How do you change your "My TeamSpeak" email address?

Hello,I have a problem with login in my account, when I try to change my e-mail i got that message. But I don’t have account with that e-mail adress. If you can help to me, please. Thanks

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Hello, the request for a change of email address is automatically canceled within 24/48 hours if the change of address has not been validated.

If you are not at the origin of the change of email address please change your password.


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Hey. I want to change my email for myTeamspeak account but when it says they are going to send me a confirmation email, I never recieve it.

I no longer have access to the account that it’s currently registered to, so I cannot check if it went there.

Some help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey, watch up here How do you change your "My TeamSpeak" email address?