How do you change your "My TeamSpeak" email address?


I recently realised I have my myTeamSpeak Account assigned to an old email address which I no longer have access to. Thankfully I remember the login details, but I’m worried I may loose access to it at some point and wish to change it to my current address.
I also wish to have my TeamSpeak Server Licenses assigned to my correct eMail address for security reasons.

I don’t see any options to reset password in the TS3 Client or on this website, any assistance would be appreciated.

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myTeamSpeak → My Account


Thank you, I see the section to change email.
However it doesn’t seem to send the email to confirm the change of address and gives me an error if I try to use that email again.

The desired address “[email protected]” is already taken by another account or user.

I was wondering if the function had moved to a new location.
To clarify, it never gave me this error the first time.


First and really important is that you must own access to the old email. This doesn’t see to be the case here.
Without you can not change the email address. You must be able to receive the first email on the old address. Then you can go to next step.

The email is now marked as taken in the system and waits for the owner to get changed as new address for the account.You have to wait ~48 hours before you can repeat the process.


The company email address I used is no longer using the domain that email address was on, so I can not even ask for it to be recreated to receive that email.

What should I do from this point?


let me ask you why did you sign up with corporate email instead of yours?

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No access to the old email means that we have no proof that you are the original owner of the account.
Even the support where tickets get created won’t do anything because of that reason.

We are sorry but we can’t do anything for you then.


I was using it more regularly when I signed up so the chances of me seeing notifications there was higher…

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Thank you.

Looks like I’m going to be waiting to purchase a domain in the future…

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Contact them and see if they can assist you with the forwarding of the mail, there’s no harm in asking.

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why? why don’t you create a gmail or any free email account like others? why should It be corporate or paid service? i dont understand srry.

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Because he used an email account on an actual domain, he no longer has access to the domain to be able to change the email address on his MyTeamSpeak account.

If he’s unable to get access again he has to wait for the domain to expire so he can register it to create the email account.



Thank you for explaining in better terms than me.

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No worries, but I would still recommend contacting them and seeing if they can forward the mail for you. There’s really no harm in asking.

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I was relatively good friends with the IT guy who I finally got in contact with. He is helping me get a mail server set up so I can receive the mail in question.


Hello Teamspeak Community,
I have had a problem for days changing my email address … as soon as I have entered my email address I have received an email … but I have not received one … My old mailbox is deleted and I have no access more on it.

Thank you for your help!

Sadly, you need access to old email address if you want to change email. If you deleted your previous address, it’s not possible to change it now.

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Hey i have a problem. i have my teamspeak account for a while now and i had linked this account to an email address where i don’t have access anymore because this email was blocked (reason = i was too young (i was 12 at that time)) now i have the problem that i want to change my email but is there a solution? i don’t want to create a new account because i have a lot of badges

This is important

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Due to security design, there is no way around that.

Maybe you can sort it out with your former email provider though?