How does one set GRANT permissions with ServerQuery

I would like to preface this with the fact that at this point I am very frustrated and extremely displeased with TeamSpeak in general, so yes I am taking jabs at everyone here. There is a TL:DR at the bottom that is the question and only the question, no bull.

I have spent the better part of the past three weeks crafting custom bots/services for my community. I have learned a great deal more about building programs/scripts/bots/etc than I believe was necessary to accomplish my task but it was an enjoyable experience for the most part.

Except when dealing with TeamSpeak. I have found the “documentation”, if one could even call it that, to be severely lacking in most if not all aspects. Many of the most useful pieces of information I gathered came from decade old posts on the previous forums from “staff” that were far from polite and professional. Those posts were helpful non the less and I am grateful to have found them.

The actual problem I am facing is that I am unable to set the “GRANT” permissions via the ServerQuery interface that are normally visible in the advanced permission GUI. I have found past posts suggesting that appending “_X” and then treating it like any other permission is the way to handle this, these “separate permissions” do not exist in the server package anymore, if they ever did. I have found a few suggestions to search for the permission I am looking for in the “documentation” that ships with the server package. This specific “documentation” neglects to even acknowledge the existence of the word “GRANT.” I also found suggestions to use the “permissionlist” command and search the available permissions on the server. It outputs as a blob of text with no formatting. If it was not bothered to be created with even an ounce of human readability in mind, I refuse to waste even a second of my time entertaining the idea of sifting through the pile of text vomit.

TL:DR How does one set GRANT permissions via the ServerQuery interface?

To anyone that takes the time to read this, thank you.

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You add permission i_needed_modify_power_X
X needs to be replaced with the name of the original permission but without B or I

servergroupaddperm sgid=6 permsid=i_needed_modify_power_channel_join_power permvalue=75 permnegated=0 permskip=0

servergroupaddperm sgid=6 permsid=i_needed_modify_power_channel_join_permanent permvalue=75 permnegated=0 permskip=0


Thank you, I really mean it. This was the last piece I needed to move forward.

Again thank you.

TS3-Sever Version: 3.13.3 on Linux
TS3 Client-Version: 3.5.6
used commands: login, use, permissionlist, servergroupaddperm

i want to know how i can change the “Grant”-Permission ? With “servergroupaddperm” it is not possible OR not documented.

Kind regards

Hi, here is a post where the Grant permission is explained and how to set them

but for shortness:
you need to add i_needed_modify_power …

Grant values explained


Thank you.

After a quick search, i found my answer. Nevertheless, thank you very much for answering.

Here you can find also the answer .

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